Website and Web Content Translation into French

My Translation Areas of Expertise

  • Geopolitics, International Organizations, Development, Cooperation: Translated numerous projects for several World Bank consultants, translation of conferences for the United Nations, UNAIDS, translation of environmental reports on the laying of a pipeline in West-Africa).
  • Internet content website localization: Worked on an Internet security and connectivity technologies website, human resources website.
  • Software – Worked on e-learning management systems, software manuals, User guides, etc., Power user of Windows and MSOffice (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Other fields: news, economics, tourism, high tech, IT, user guides, web pages, Windows help files, marketing-related documents and technical translations.
Blog Content Translation

Blog Content Translation

Do you want to keep up to speed with Google content requirements? If you want to expand into the French-speaking market, translating your key blog posts into French is one sure way to do it. Export your post from WordPress, send them to me and I’ll have them translated.

Translation of Word Documents

Translation of Word Documents

Translating your content to French by sending it to me as Word documents is by far the easiest. This copy/pasting process is also a good time to review the content that will need to be translated. Are the examples mentioned in your post relevant to your target French-speaking audience?

Translation into a CMS like WordPress

Some translation plugins like WPML allow you to export the content to be translated to French in a few easy steps. If you’d rather have me export your WordPress posts & pages, you’ll just need to send me your login info, and I’ll see from there.

French Translation Rates

My translation rates are per word, not per page. As a rule of thumb, I charge an average of €0.12 for translations and an hourly rate of €40 for editing, proofreading and non-translation related work. I will always ask to be able to see the content before confirming any deadline.


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