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Multilingual Search Engine Optimization

Attracting international visitors to your website includes generally two types of work: Onsite optimization and off-site promotion, which make up the so-called Search Engine Optimization process. All optimization efforts performed on your English website need to be replicated for your language versions, although initial efforts made on your English version will certainly help.

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You need to think about your localized website as a different entity, having a life of its own and, requiring particular efforts adapted to the market language required to reach the language/local audience of your choice.

Website Optimization for Search Engines

Multilingual Technical Optimization

The multilingual onsite SEO work or website optimization consists in setting up and tweaking a website for better search engine rankings in multiple languages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires as much attention from the beginning of the website development process as the website itself. All too often, website owners dedicate countless hours and resources to design and graphics while leaving website optimization work undone or incomplete.

Onsite SEO work involves making sure that your website is multilingual-ready setting up the file naming convention adapting your metatags and alt attributes based on keyword research.

All these elements alone will not make a huge difference, but if you apply all the known tricks you will obtain the best possible search engine rankings in most languages.

Content Optimization

Content Optimization in Multiple Languages

The most important thing is probably your content, which should be translated and adapted per your target audience. Website localization is usually the first step to making your website linguistically correct, and content optimization should be the second one although both processes should happen simultaneously for optimal results.

Once you have tackled the visible content of your website, metatags should come next. These are strings of text located in your source code and play a role for search engine ranking. There are many metatags, but for search engine rankings, the ones to focus on are : Title, Description and Meta Keywords (optional).

But that’s not all. A professional translator would render a perfect translation, but a translator with SEO expertise will know which words to use based on an extensive keyword research for your industry and your target market: France, Canada or Belgium, for instance.

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My services focus on the onsite work in several languages including English, French and Spanish, which are languages that I am fluent in both actively and passively. I also can coordinate the onsite SEO work in additional languages such as Dutch, German and Italian which are languages that I know more passively and for which I cooperate with other Multilingual SEO.

I currently promote over 10 multilingual websites (mostly in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Italian) and I provide the best results in English and French, my two major working languages.

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All optimization efforts performed on your English website need to be replicated for your language versions, although initial efforts made on your English version will certainly help!

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