Past Translation Projects

Do you have translation needs that require the skills of a professional translator? Are you looking for the best compromise between quality and price? Is your main priority receiving a quality translation on time?

If you answered yes to one or several of these questions, then don’t waste another minute. Contact me and let me know about the work you need done. I will need the following necessary information such as:

  • The whole file to be translated so as to provide a quote, or
  • A sample if the final draft is not yet finished (final quote will depend on the final document!), or
  • The url of your website (in the case of web site translation and/or website promotion),
  • The deadline

Optional (if you have sent the whole file)

  • The nature of the job and the technical difficulty of the job (html files, *.txt, *.doc, *.html, *.php, Powerpoint Presentation, Excel files, Word files)
  • The subject and the terms of payment if other than Net 30 days.

If the volume is more than I can handle alone, or if you are contacting me for a language pair I do not handle personally, I will work with my fellow freelance translators from BeTranslated.

Translation Language Pairs

  • English to French
  • Dutch to French
  • Spanish to French

Areas of Expertise

  • Geopolitics, International Organizations/Development/Cooperation – Numerous projects for several World Bank consultants, translation of conferences for the United Nations, UNAIDS, translation of environmental reports on the laying of a gazoduc in West-Africa).
  • Internet Content Website localization – Worked on an Internet security and connectivity technologies website, human resources website),
  • Software – Worked on e-learning management systems, software manuals, User guides, etc., Power user of Windows and MSOffice (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Other fields – News, economics, tourism, high tech, IT, user guides, web pages, Windows help files, marketing-related documents and technical translations

Translation Throughput

2000 words per day. I may work on weekends depending on project requirements

Translation Rates

From $ 0.09 EUR/ $0.12 depending on the type of file (*.txt, *.doc, *.html, *.asp…) and the volume. No sliding scales nor discounts for the use of CAT Tools.


Net, 30 days. Unless otherwise agreed upon in advance.

Translation Examples

I have done so many translation projects since January 2003 that I can’t possibly mention them all but here are some examples.

    • Translation of a report on worldwide drug trafficking from English to French. 15000 words.
    • Translation of an online soccer game for a major company active in the sport industry from English to French. 10000 words.
    • Translation of a Suzuki car manual (spare parts, servicing, etc.) from English to French. 10000 words.
    • Translation of various documents on medical assistance to African countries and human rights. 12000 words.
    • Website translation for a major Belgian hosting company from Dutch to French. +/- 15000 words.
    • Translation of a document called Child Labor in the World Today to French. 30000 words.
    • Translation of technical documents on audiovisual installation. 10000 words.
    • Translation of magazines specialized in IT, paper products, woodwork, machinery, travel and events from Dutch to French (Pet & Garden, Filofax, Service Stations, The Corporate Traveller).
    • Translation of PowerPoint presentations from English to French about industrial processes for SDL Translation. +/-20000 words.
    • Translation of Human Rights articles from Dutch to French for Oxfam Solidarité. 5000 words.
    • Translation of country guides about Thailand and Taiwan… from Spanish to French. 5000 words.
    • Translation of a technical user guide about military antennas. 60000 words.
    • Translation of CD Burner user guides from English to French. 10000 words.
    • Translation of the monthly e-business newsletter from English to French.
    • Proofreading of a search engine translation into French.
    • Translation of parts of a website providing workflow management systems from English to French.
    • Proofreading of Press releases translations and parts of the website from English to French for a company specialized in content management.