Industry-specific Translation Services

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Multiple File Formats

Our translators can handle most formats. Here are the most common ones:

  • Word Processor Format: Ms Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Text Files
  • Web Formats: html, xml, etc
  • Print Formats: InDesign

Most Frequent Subject Matters

Most of our customers contact us to translate the following type of documents:

  • IT documents
  • Technical documents
  • Tourism documents and websites
  • Business documents
  • Legal documents

Translations Adapted to Your Markets

We collaborate with professional translators working in the country of their native language, with several years of experience. When assigning me a translation project into any language, be it French, German, Dutch, Spanish, German, or Italian, I will team up with a colleague to provide the linguistic flavour that your documents require.

Request a Quote for Professional Translation Services

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Fields of Expertise

  • Geopolitics, International Organizations, Development, Cooperation: Translated numerous projects for several World Bank consultants, translation of conferences for the United Nations, UNAIDS, translation of environmental reports on the laying of a pipeline in West-Africa).
  • Internet content website localization: Worked on an Internet security and connectivity technologies website, human resources website.
  • Software – Worked on e-learning management systems, software manuals, User guides, etc., Power user of Windows and MSOffice (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Other fields: news, economics, tourism, high tech, IT, user guides, web pages, Windows help files, marketing-related documents and technical translations.