3 Tips to Validate Your Written Communications

3 Tips to Validate Your Written Communications

Even if you are a very skilled writer, you should rely on another person to double check your materials’ quality and efficiency. Of course, you can use a spell checker. This type of software provide analytical features for detection of the language-related mistakes, but also the language register, the long or no-subject sentences, and repetitions. This tool is very useful to ascertain no grammar nor spelling mistakes are left in your written communications.

However, spell checkers may overview the relationships of pronouns and verbs inside sentences and paragraphs. A third party review is recommended. Here are three options.

Find and Pay a Copy Editor

The best solution is to rely on a copy editor, even just once in a while, to maintain your solid reputation. Ask for documentation of corrections to better understand them and why sentences or terms are changed.

Find Help to Write in Team

This option is great. You ensure access to the terminological knowledge of everyone in the team. Collective efforts bring more results than working alone. The team defines its rules to maintain consistency. It could be slow to get things done that way, but it is cost effective.

Moreover, this process can play the role of a focus group, as you are forced to stay humble and learn the initial perception of your message. Solutions and comments suggested are expected to improve the legibility of your documents.

Submit your Draft to a Well-versed Relative or Acquaintance

It’s a quite good alternative for a quick answer. But is it safe? No invoice, no protection. Complicated sentences or terms may be ignored. When you realize there are unreliable answers and options, your deadline is near. The emergency rate of a copy editor may be expensive, but the invoice is higher when mistakes occur.

No matter who your advisors are, you must provide them the text part or complete document to ensure the context and restrictions are respected. Language specialists are well equipped to confirm your documents’ quality and message through the eyes of clients and potential customers.

The process of copywriting includes editing, pretty much like the manufacturing process which includes adjustments.

Timelines and all milestones to the final publication or posting of your materials are very important steps to be followed to ensure that the resource allocated to each action takes into account the time for improvements. All those adjustments maintain your branding to make your business an industry leader.